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At present, the prices of energy commodities continue to rise to new highs, triggering market stagflation expectations...
Petroleum coke online graphitecalcined coke At present, the domestic outbreak of new pneumonia has gradually stabilized, but overseas outbreaks have entered an outbreak period. Judging from the development of the epidemic, the number of conf...
Summary:Understanding and function of carburizer, and selection of high quality carburizer. The problems that should be paid attention to in use are analyzed, and the correct use of carburizer is expounded。 一、Description of Carburiz...
China, as one of the countries with the largest reserves of graphite in the world, has unique advantages in developing graphite industry. Graphite resources are widely distributed. Crystal Flake graphite is distributed in 19 provinces and ma...
1 Effect of carbonizer particle size The carbon increase process using the carbon increase agent includes the dissolution diffusion process and the oxidation loss process. When the particle size of the carburizer is different, the dissolutio...
Due to the silicon and carbon content of silicon carbide (SIC), silicon (SI) enters molten iron during smelting, and most of carbon (c) burns. It is worth mentioning that there are still a few silicon carbide (SIC) particles in the casting d...