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Domestic market price of petroleum coke

Today's oil coke market by its support, coke prices may continue to rise. 

In terms of Sinopec, the trading volume of medium-sulfur coke in the Yangtze River region is good, and the refinery inventory is low. The main production of Jiujiang petrochemical, Jingmen Petrochemical and Anqing Petrochemical is 3#B, Wuhan Petrochemical is 4#A, and Changling refinery is 3#C.The shipments of petroleum coke from Refineries in Jinan, Qingdao Petrochemical and Shengli Oilfield in Shandong were good and trading was positive.

Petrochina and CNOOC, northeast Jinzhou petrochemical, Liaohe petrochemical shipping good, oil coke price increased 50 yuan/ton.Cnooc, Taizhou Petrochemical coke price yesterday increased 250 yuan/ton.         

Local petroleum coke:

Today, the local petroleum coke market overall shipping differentiation, low sulfur coke trading good, part of the coke price continued to increase 30-50 yuan/ton;Medium and high sulfur petroleum coke shipment stable, some refinery coke price up 10-50 yuan/ton.At present, some domestic refineries have been operated to reduce production of petroleum coke, some refineries have been shut down for maintenance, the supply of petroleum coke resources has been reduced, and the procurement at downstream demand end has been stable. It is expected that today most refineries will export petroleum coke at a stable price, and some refineries may still have a small increase.


Coke market stability in the exploration, the market has not yet implemented part of the coke rise.Coke demand support strong, coke enterprises optimistic.The profitability of steel enterprises is general, mainly replenishment as needed, while some steel enterprises coke inventory decline, coke increase to form a positive support again.Port market trading fair, middlemen mentality cautious.