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Technology | carbon enterprises how to effectively enhance t
Raw materials

1. Strictly control the quota of incoming petroleum coke
In particular, the control of petroleum coke moisture, volatile content, as far as possible to buy large size, small amount of powder coke oil coke.

2. Strengthen and improve the pretreatment of petroleum coke before calcination
According to the different characteristics of the size, moisture and volatilization of petroleum coke, a strict management system for the stacking and matching of petroleum coke in different warehouses was established. According to the material indexes, the blending of petroleum coke from different manufacturers was carried out, and the blended petroleum coke was brought into the kiln for reuse. Pretreatment was done to stabilize the calcining process and the quality of calcined afterfeed.

3. Ingredients according to the volatile component
In actual production, different manufacturers and different batches of petroleum coke content of volatile swings are difference, so the enterprise should be combined with the actual production, petroleum coke with different batch sampling test in time, on the basis of primary test results for reasonable ingredients after stacking or on-line calcination, in order to reduce the negative influence of raw material quality fluctuation.
Principle of ingredients: Comprehensive statistical analysis must be carried out to determine the range of ingredients. In accordance with the principle of low allocation and high allocation, the volatile components of the materials must be kept within the range of annual average value, and normal production cannot be affected.


1. Strengthen equipment maintenance and overhaul, and strengthen standard operations
During the overhaul of kiln shutdown, complete comprehensive inspection and maintenance of equipment, facilities and electrical system, and reduce the kiln shutdown and heat preservation time.

2. Strengthen the sealing of equipment to reduce the flying of materials
Strengthening the sealing of the air leakage point of the furnace body can ensure the stability of temperature control and reduce the continuous burning of materials outside the calcining belt to avoid the burning of materials;Strengthen the sealing of the connection part of the feeder to prevent air from entering into contact with the high-temperature material and burning;Strengthen the control of vibration conveyor, conveyor belt and other sealing mouth, reduce the flying of calcined coke in the process of transportation, so as to improve the actual yield and benefit environmental protection at the same time.



1. Optimize the calcining process
Generally, the temperature of calcining two-layer is 1200 ~ 1370℃ and the temperature of six-layer is 900 ~ 1230℃, within which the quality of calcining can be guaranteed. Under this condition, the upper temperature of two-layer can be appropriately reduced and the negative pressure can be stabilized between 70 ~ 100MPa to control the burning rate of materials.

2. Standardize the process control system
The workshop is responsible for the assessment of the actual yield of calcination, as well as the quality of calcination, so as to clarify and implement the process control system during normal production.The calciner must understand the purpose of the calcining operation and carry it out strictly.When adjusting the clearance of the roller, the clearance of the roller should be controlled within the range of 30mm-70mm required by the normal calcining particle size, so as to reduce the increase of fine material in the crushing process.
Calcined petrolem recovery efficiency indicators reflect the calcination process control is reasonable, the summary by improve the quality of raw material, strengthening equipment maintenance and repair, and optimize the calcination process and so on are the effective measures to improve calcining recovery efficiency, of course, the influencing factors of recovery efficiency are various, not small streams, beyond into the rivers, each factor, every link of enterprise should pay attention, timely adjust